Your CX Maturity Tools

Everything has changed with how consumers engage with brands. Oracle calls this the “Experience Economy,” where customers are the true innovators. And while technology empowers customers to discover and engage with brands, they become more adept with technology, they’ll keep creating new ways to manage their daily lives and online experiences and will continue to demand that kind of ease and flexibility from every company with which they do business.

In response we have created the CX Maturity Models, to provide new ways to engage or re-engage with your prospects. Each model is designed to provide a guided way to conduct a discovery of their current capabilities, pain points and areas to focus for improvement. These models can help guide discussions to gain more insightful information about their business processes and technologies that are currently is use in order to conversations that address their specific challenges.

There are seven CX Maturity Tools available including:

  • B2B Marketing

  • Commerce

  • Field Service

  • Sales

  • B2C Marketing

  • Data

  • Service